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What our Members say

Qantas Credit Union
Tylor Family, Member since 1992
We have been banking with Qantas Credit Union for forty years and now our three daughters have accounts with us too. In our forty years with Qantas Credit Union, we've never had a complaint.

Nicholas Janzen, Member since 2003

At Qantas Credit Union you get competitive rates and low fees - it's hard to beat! I moved across from one of the big four banks about 10 years ago and have never looked back!


Alistair McKirdy, Member since 2011

Everyone is so busy these days but Qantas Credit Union makes banking easy. I recommend Qantas Credit Union to everyone because a lot of people don't know that they can join!

Savita Furtado, Member since 1992

My needs are varied but Qantas Credit Union has always come to the party. If I need anything, I go to them. Qantas Credit Union are the quite achievers! They always call back and do their best to help even on the little things.

Home Loans
Home loans

Leif Mawson, Member since 2001

This is the 2nd home loan with Qantas Credit Union. The staff are prompt, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable which is a real plus.

Julie and Anthony Graetz, Member since 1992

It was a really personal, one-on-one service and we were always kept in the loop. Qantas Credit Union arranged the schedule of payments so everything was quick and efficient and we never worried about deadlines or penalties.

Tanya Lazarou, Member since 2005

I'm always encouraging others to switch, not only for a great deal financially but for the people who will look after you. I moved my mortgage across a couple of years ago and believe it was one of the best things I ever did!

Debra and Tony Lindsell, Member since 1992

Qantas Credit Union was so helpful in getting the process under way without a hitch. The home loan process was seamless and without a worry.

Amy Lindsell, Member since 1999

My broker actually came back to me and said they could closely match what Qantas Credit Union would offer me, but actually recommended I stay with Qantas Credit Union as they thought it was the best offer. As it turns out, I had the best home loan deal at Qantas Credit Union.

Personal Loans
Car loans

Nathaniel Craig, Member since 2010

I’d learnt enough about car loans to know a good deal when I heard one! The rates were unbeatable. Not only that, the people at Qantas Credit Union were extremely quick and helpful. I really couldn't fault their service.

Personal Loans

Lucy Hollingworth, Member since 2006

I chose Qantas Credit Union for my car loan because it was extremely easy, with a great rate and early repayment options.

Personal Loans

Adam Lindsell, Member since 1999

Applying for my car loan was easy, and the quick approval was great!

Personal Loans

Kelly Carless, Member since 2003

The personalised service made all the difference when getting my car loan.

Personal Loans

Chris Underhill, Member since 1999

I applied online for my personal loan and the next day I received a call from a loans officer. My personal loan was processed within 4 days!

Credit Card

Nicholas Menzies, Member since 2007

Apart from confidence and trust, the credit card itself was superior to anything out on the market for me!

Kim Knight, Member since 1995

I have absolutely everything with Qantas Credit Union! My home loan, credit card, savings accounts. I'll never go to a bank again! Qantas Credit Union has a family feel about it and I love that!

Savings accounts

Louise Dyer, Member since 1969

I keep all my financial arrangements with Qantas Credit Union as their interest rates are very good and reliable.


Nicholas Janzen, Member since 2003

At Qantas Credit Union you get competitive rates and low fees - it's hard to beat!

Savings accounts

Karen Lennon, Member since 1998

Everything you could do at a bank, I do with Qantas Credit Union. I have my mortgage, my credit cards and my savings accounts there. And the real advantage is that I don’t pay any fees. Beat that!

Wealth and Planning
Wealth and Planning

Peter McCabe, Member since 1971

Qantas Credit Union keeps me up to date with what’s happening in the local and international markets. I get great advice, a personal service and it’s easy to understand. And I’ve found the free seminars very informative. So I feel secure and I know that my money is safe.

Fred Alimpic, Member since 1968

I've recommended a lot of people to Qwealth - it's a great deal and the financial advice is very helpful. I've been with Qantas Credit Union for 44 years and they always give me the best advice.


Amy Lindsell, Member since 1999

I'm extremely impressed with Qantas Credit Union's card security. I'm content knowing that my money is secure.