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We have a range of handy calculators to help you better manage your finances.

Home Loan Calculators

Home Loan Repayment

Find out how much your monthly home loan repayments could be and the estimated total interest that may become payable on your home loan.

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Home Loan Comparison

Use this home loan comparison calculator to compare & contrast home loans from different lenders. Find out how much you can save by switching to QCU.

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Split Loan

Calculate the affect of splitting your loan into fixed and variable components.

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Extra Repayments

See the effect of making regular extra repayments.

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Lump Sum Repayment

See the effect of making a one off lump sum payment.


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Borrowing Power

Use this calculator to determine how much you can borrow to own your dream home.

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Stamp Duty

Calculate the Stamp Duty incurred and First Home Buyers bonuses on a home purchase in any state or territory within Australia.

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Personal Loan Calculators

Personal Loan

Calculate the repayments on a personal loan.

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Car Loan

Use this calculator to see how much repayments will be, to buy your dream car.

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Savings Calculators

Budget Planner

Gain a better understanding of your financial position by analysing your main revenue and expenses.

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Savings Plan

Determine how a savings plan will boost your account balance over a selected period of time.

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Term Deposit

Calculate how much you could save with a QSCU Term Deposit.

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Our tax calculator will assist you in managing your income.

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Note: Most of our calculators require Flash Player 9 and javascript to be enabled.