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BPAY is the faster, more efficient way to pay your bills; and with over 14,000 billers available, it’s also the most convenient as you can just about pay all your bills in one go!

Plus, with our Online Banking and Telephone Banking services, you can also schedule payments for a later date and then forget about them. BPAY also lets you choose which account you pay from - cheque, savings, Qsaver or credit card. (Note: not all billers accept payment via credit card).


Available through Online Banking, this service allows you to receive, view and pay your bills electronically.

For more information refer to the BPAY View section within Online Banking.

How to pay with BPAY

If you haven't already used BPAY it won't take long to learn. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Log on to Online Banking or Telephone Banking
  2. Select the BPAY tab on the menu bar of Online Banking and follow the simple instructions
  3. Look for the distinctive BPAY logo on your bills
  4. Enter in your biller code and reference number
  5. Wait for and record your receipt number
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