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Qwealth Super & Investments

With Qantas Credit Union, you have access to a comprehensive range of investment options, competitive fees, and the very latest in investment services. You can also enjoy the benefit of consolidated investment for easy investment management and reporting - both for your superannuation and personal investments.

Superannuation and rollover

We can help you save for your retirement - via contributions made by your employer on your behalf, by your business if you're self employed, by undeducted personal contributions,

or by rolling over your superannuation.

Allocated Pension

When it’s time to start taking an income from your superannuation, an allocated pension offers you a convenient and tax-effective way to do so. You can utilise a broad range of investment options to devise an investment strategy that fits with your circumstances and risk tolerance.

Investment Service

Our Investment Services gives you the advantage of consolidating all of your superannuation and personal investments under a single reporting structure.

This means you can call on a wide range of investment options to help you achieve your goals, without the hassle of complicated reporting and administration. It also makes it easy for you to review your strategy and investment choices at any stage.

  How you'll benefit

Whether your focus is on superannuation, personal investments or retirement, the Qwealth Superannuation Master Trust and Qwealth Investment Service offers you quality financial services that will cater to your requirements.

Comprehensive product range

Access quality products for every financial stage and situation. Whether you’re saving for retirement through superannuation, living off an allocated pension in retirement, investing, or protecting your wealth, our extensive product range will deliver to your needs.

Competitive fee structures

Enjoy quality financial services without losing your profits to high fees: The latest financial services technology, superior investment choice and other exclusive benefits - all within a highly competitive fee structure.

Diverse range of investment options

These include:

  • Multi-manager investment options
  • Single-manager investment options
  • Multi-sector investment options
  • Single sector investment options
  • Term Deposits
  • 200 of the largest securities listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), to further diversify your investment portfolio
Monthly fund performance information

You’ll always be able to access information on the performance of investment options to assist with your investment decisions.

Secure, online access to your investments

You’ll receive a unique investor code and password which will enable you to easily and conveniently view and manage your investments online. Look up balances, reports, and other key information at the click of your mouse.

Ability to make regular payments and withdrawals

Whether you want to draw from your investments, or contribute to them regularly, you have the flexibility to choose.

Flexible options for making contributions

You or your employer can enjoy the convenience of direct deposit, cheque or BPAY for making superannuation contributions.

Cost-effective insurance options

Through your superannuation, you can access competitive prices on a comprehensive range of insurance to protect your wealth including Death, Death and Total/Permanent Disability and Income Protection.

A dedicated Client Services team

You’ll benefit from the professionalism of a dedicated Client Service team. Equipped with an advanced administration platform, they’ll be there to care for your every need.

Personalised advice from an expert 

You’ll have access to a qualified Financial Planner who can offer you expert advice on investments, superannuation, retirement planning and protecting your wealth.

Automatic rebalancing

If selected, this facility will automatically review your investments at established intervals, then sell or buy investments in line with your agreed strategy. You can elect to have your investments rebalanced on a quarterly, half-yearly or annual basis.

Tax reporting at the individual investment level

Detailed tax reporting on your portfolio will clearly show contributions tax, earnings tax, capital gains tax and any tax credits for each individual investment - to make life easier for you and your accountant.

  How we safeguard your wealth

Your superannuation could be your life savings - so, it's important you feel that it's safeguarded by someone you can trust. At Qantas Credit Union, we have strategic relationships with the following world-class providers to bring you a service of unparalleled quality and security. Your investments will benefit from the strength of:

  • Oasis Fund Management Limited ABN 38 106 045 050, AFSL 274 331
    Trustee of Qwealth Superannuation Master Trust and operator of Qwealth Investment Service. Oasis provides a leading asset administration platform so you can access the very best in administration and reporting.
  • The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (HSBC) ABN 48 006 434 162, AFSL 232 595
    Engaged by the Trustee to hold all investments on your behalf.
  • OnePath Life limited ABN 33 009 657 176, AFSL 238 341
    Provider of Death and Total & Permanent Disablement and Salary Continuance insurance cover to protect your wealth.
  • Managed Investments
    The investments themselves operate independently of the Trustee, including Listed Securities on the Australian Stock Exchange and hand-picked managed investments provided by Australia's leading fund managers
  • KPMG
    Engaged by the Trustee as auditor to provide regular audit reports and independent reports to the regulatory bodies.
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These products are issued by: Oasis Fund Management Limited, ABN 38 106 045 050, AFSL 274 331, as the Trustee of the Qwealth Superannuation Master Trust and as the Operator of the Qwealth Investment Service.
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